Turtle Wax it Wet Spray Wax 500ML

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The Turtle Wax - Wax it Wet Spray Wax 500ML is the fastest and easiest wax ever! Formulated with minute wax shine technology for the fastest way to a smooth, slick finish!

It’s so popular because getting those results is so fast and easy! Just wash and rinse your car and spray on this aqua wax before you towel dry.

As you dry, the wax bonds to the paint surface and begins displacing water. By the time your car is dry, your car will have an incredible, reflective gloss and long-lasting protection against the elements.

Features & Benefits:
  • Unique formulation allows you to simply wax the car whilst drying
  • Actively prevents water spots from application.
  • Water activated carnauba waxes and polymers once dry leave a deep shine
  • Provides all the additional shine without adding an additional step
  • The deep carnauba shine provides a durable protected surface
  • Saves you work and drying time during future car washes
  • Creates an instant shine and lasting protection
Use and Care:
  • 1) Wash and rinse your car with your favourite Turtle Wax car wash product.
    2) While the car is still wet, immediately start at the roof, working down the car, applying Wax It Wet to all exterior surfaces, including glass, plastic and rubber trim.
    3) After thoroughly spraying the exterior, water will begin beading and may run off the car.
    4) Using a microfibre cloth or soft, cotton terry towel, simply dry the vehicle. The wax will set as you dry, producing an extremely glossy shine on all exterior surfaces, including paint, plastic and glass.

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