Turtle Max Power Car Wash 2.95L

Sale priceRs.3,800.00


Turtle Max Power Car Wash Details:

This all-new car wash is a serious game-changer. It is the only car wash available that allows consumers to adjust the cleaning power needed for any task. With this exclusive blend of super-foaming, fragrance-infused polymers, you can safely lift the toughest dirt to add the perfect shine. Unlike other leading car wash products, this unique formula changes cleaning strength based on the amount of product added. So you get the cleaning you need when you need it.

Also works great on motorcycles, boats, RVs, windows, outdoor furniture, and grills. Can also be used in a pressure washer.

Removes everyday dirt and grime without stripping previously applied wax.

Removes stuck-on bugs, mud, stains and salt.

Removes stains such as brake dust and sap. Excellent for preparing paint for wax.

How To Use:

Rinse car thoroughly to remove loose dirt.

Use measurements on the side of the bottle to pour the desired amount of product per gallon, based on cleaning level needed.

Wash the car from the top down.

Rinse and towel dry.

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