Sony XS-NW1201 Car Subwoofer

Sale priceRs.11,800.00


Setting out on a drive is now more convenient that ever. Thanks to the amazing capabilities of high-end speakers and subwoofers that bring every frequency to life, you can now enjoy high fidelity sound even when you are miles away from home. The Sony Xplod XS NW1201 Car Subwoofer can be a great addition to your car. With a powerful sound output you can now play thumping bass music and impress everyone seated in your car. Now, get a party wherever you are with this amazing woofer. It is available with a one-year brand warranty. The Sony Xplod XS NW1201 Car Subwoofer measures 30 cm. This is just the appropriate size to fit into your car audio setup without compromising space or quality of the output. The body is built magnetic ferrite and a rubber edge. The black color of the subwoofer makes it absolutely compatible with your car interiors and retains that sleek and modern styling of your in-car entertainment system. Installation and use is as convenient as it gets, thanks to the compact size. The cone of the speaker is beautifully designed. Even if your car has interiors in a lighter shade, the speakers can fit right in with a contrast effect.

What is in the box?

  • 1 pc woofer
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