Mothers California Gold® Scratch Remover

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Mothers® California Gold® Scratch Remover safely and effectively removes surface scratches while vastly improving the appearance of even deep scratches on all paints and clear coats. Experience fantastic results around door handles, trunk lids and other areas where scratches are likely to occur..

Clear coat paint is soft and pliable by design, and scratches can easily be caused by washing, drying, using a dirty cloth, going through the drive-through car wash, or from debris and incidents when you’re out on the road. Whatever the cause may be, it’s important to know that all scratches are not equal. Some can be more difficult to correct than others. Deeper markings that have penetrated through the clear coat layer of the paint will require a higher quality scratch remover product or a professional repair. 

Rather than pay a premium to have your vehicle serviced for any nicks or scratches, try our professional-grade California Gold® Scratch Remover instead. It’s designed to make even those deeper, prominent scratches far less noticeable, and you can do it in a matter of minutes right from your own driveway.

The reality is scratches are inevitable and unavoidable. Give your car the care and attention it needs when a scratch occurs with our premium scratch remover.

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