JVC KD-X252 Digital media Reciver USB/Aux

Sale priceRs.7,200.00


  • The unit size of this car stereo is 1 DIN, which means it is a standard size that fits most vehicles. It is compatible with various vehicle makes including Universal, Vauxhall, and Ford.

    The stereo has several features, including a removable front panel for security, CD changer controls for convenience, Bluetooth for wireless connectivity, RDS (Radio Data System) for displaying station and song information, and a built-in equalizer for adjusting audio settings.

    It has 4 channels for connecting and controlling multiple speakers in your car. The stereo has ports for AUX input and USB connection, allowing you to play audio from external devices.

    The color of the stereo is black, and it is compatible with the  Android operating system. It supports various audio formats such as CD, WMA, MP3, WAV, and FLAC. It is also compatible with specific vehicle models like Sorento and Vectra.

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