Focal 6-1/2" Coaxial speakers 165AC Access Series

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  • These are car coaxial speakers with the following features:

    • Aluminum inverted dome tweeter, which provides clear and detailed high-frequency response
    • A Chassis made of 20% fiberglass-filled ABS material, ensuring durability and enhanced sound quality
    • Maximum power handling of 120W and nominal power handling of 60W, allowing for loud and dynamic sound reproduction
    • A High sensitivity rating of 92 dB, making them efficient at converting power into sound
    • Impedance of 4 ohms, ensuring compatibility with most car audio systems
    • Frequency response range of 60-20,000 Hz, allowing for accurate reproduction of a wide range of audio frequencies

    These speakers are designed to deliver high-quality and immersive sound in your car audio system, with a focus on detailed highs and accurate midrange and bass response.

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