Aroma Home Odour Neutralizer Spray In 3 Flavor

Flavours: Fresh Linen
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Product details of Aroma Home Odour Neutralizer Spray In 3 Flavour (Fresh Linen, Green Fruits, Sweet&Spicy)

  • Air Flavor Aroma Car Home Odour Neutralizer Spray. Aroma Home Odour Series is an unsurpassed air freshener that is a real perfume for the interior. A special aromatic composition and spray formula allow you to quickly get rid of unpleasant odors and fill the room with a fresh aroma.

Flavor Aroma Home Odour Neutralizer Spray:

Aroma Car air fresheners are manufactured by the European company MTM Industries. Aroma Car fresheners are distinguished for their high quality products, are distinguished by a variety of persistent aromas and original design.

Freshener Aroma Car Home Odour Neutralizer Spray is ideal not only for car salons, but wherever there are pets.

Features :

Fragrances: Fresh Linen, Green Fruits, Sweet&Spicy
Used: Sprayer
Consistency: Liquid
Volume: 150 ml

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